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[Off-topics] Wow, Aurora. What a reply.

CSI walked out of the Archive, and walked to the Jedi Training Ground. Near the gate, he heard lightsabers clash, and jumping yells. CSI smiled: his Twi-Lek Padawan, Toent Bekunn, was training Jedi Initiates. He released the Force powers and send a whisper: ::Toent Bekunn, I'm here. Are you ready?::

Toent Bekunn was just teaching one of her initiates with her still-novice Shii-Cho style. ::Master? It's been long time no see. Where are you?:: She said in astonishment. When she got distracted, the Initiate's lightsaber slashed down and she dodged it...barely.

::Heheheh. That's close. So let me show them, okay?:: CSI smiled.

Toent didn't reply. The light was dimmed.

CSI walked to the younglin who nearly injured Toent and touched his head, "Can I borrow your lightsaber? I promise I'll return it to you. Good job, by the way." The Younglin looked at CSI in surprise. "Here it is, Master CSI." Then he handed out his training lightsaber out.

"Thank you," CSI bowed politely and walked to Toent. Suddenly, Toent charged to CSI in incredible speed. "Wow! Nice, I can see you improved when I was away." CSI smiled and posed his Shii-Cho Stance. "Younglins, see how I perform Shii-Cho. The basic style, we all need to master it." And then he blocked Toent's heavy blow and continued, "You need to master it in order to master the most elegant form--Makashi. Here, let me show you Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Niman / Jarkai, Shien and Juyo. Pay attention!"

Suddenly he felt something was wrong. His padawan seemed to fueled with rage. After dodging another upper slash, he jumped away and shouted: "What are you doing? Calm down, Padawan! Don't give in your anger! That leads you to the Dark Side!"

Toent said nothing, but clearly the rage is fueling her lightsaber skills, because he can see the blow is heavier and heavier. CSI suddenly realized that language is useless and he must save her before she slipped too far away.

And the fight went on...

After guarding Toent's wave-like attacks, he countered with a heavy slash. She began to block the attack. "A word of warning: Don't block it. Jump away!" She didn't listen and attempted to block it. The two blades slashed together with a loud noise. Then the release of power shocked her lightsaber off her hand.

Falling on the ground, Toent began to cry: "Why did you leave me? Why don't you bring me with you?"

CSI said nothing, but he held his padawan in front of his breast, "Don't cry, I'm here, I'm here..."

Then he shrugged to the stunning Younglins: "That's my padawan's usual greeting."

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