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I started thinking about it when my friend asked me why all the ships were in a flat plane in FoC/EaW, or in the movies for that fact. As after all, there is no up, down, flat, horizontal, so why should they be in a plane.
I made my first true "3-d" map in map editor where the verticals and things are changed so that the entire map (including height) is used. I also placed some units in different planes.

Do you think I should continue and make a map series, and is there any mod that would allow ships to shoot from one "plane" to another (at this time, if one units is very far below another, their shots don't travel as far, so the only way to kill them is to use the death star or hvc, or something like that) so that the map can work?

I can post my test map if anyone wants. there is a screenshot in the EaW screenshot thread. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put my request.

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