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"What do you require to do Master Rash?" The young padawan Cloe Erra asked from the doorway to the Master's chambers.
"I have felt a disturbance in the force, surely you too felt it." The master stated. "We have lost track of the Ebon Hawk and the members aboard it. We need to find it." He stated bluntly.
"Yes master," Cloe replied.

************************************************** **************

Meanwhile on the desert world Tatooine:
A beautiful young female battled several sandpeople with two sabers. "Damn wretched creatures," she said solemly as she stuck her blade through one and ripped it apart. "Can't you just leave us alone?" As she mowed down the last of the filthy beasts her mood and expression changed. She too felt a great disturbance in the force and she stated aloud "Somthing tells me life is going to suck soon." She walked rather hurridly to the town.

((Please tell me I'm doing this right, it's been a while))
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