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((Starmark, if you or Steven have anything further to add to that conversation about Tee, you still feel free to do so. This is just what happens on the bridge over the next three hours ))

If Ciyagi had anything else to communicate, Grace would not have fully heard it. Now that they were in hyperspace, she had to concentrate all the more on what she was doing. If they hit a hyperspace storm, they'd be dead; the same thing went for entering a planet's gravity well.

Lines of concern mixed with determination crossed her face as she began murmuring things like, "Hyperspace storm... oh, good, dissipated," and, "Gravity well!", usually accompanied by a wince. Twice in the next three hours, she pulled the ship out of hyperspace to readjust the course. And one last time they came out of hyperspace.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Grace leaned back in her chair. Glancing around, she was startled to realize Ciyagi had fallen asleep in the co-pilot's chair. Deciding not to wake him just yet, Grace fired up the realspace engines. They were about a half an hour away from ISS 5 by standard propulsion... a decent amount, especially since hyperspace was so unsafe. Grace would not risk it again this trip.
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