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Communicator droid: Affirmative

Darth Aap: What is it soldier

Imperial: The Mandalorians are planning a major assault to take over the galaxy!! They've got hundereds of capital ships somehow!!

Darth Aap: That is unexpected. Try to hold the line down there, I'll send some reinforcements.

Imperial: Hurry up!! We can't hold out much longe- BOOM!!!!!!! connection lost.

Darth Aap: You. How long until our rebuilt deathstar is operational

Engineer: 3 Months if it isn't more

Darth Aap: Ah great. Darth Blaze, Report

Darth Blaze: You summoned me master.

Darth Aap: I have a nice little assignment for you my Apprentice. Take some troops at your choise and exterminate those Mandalorian traitors.

Darth Blaze: It shall be done my master.

Darth Aap: I'll get you some troops.

Darth Aap: This is Lord Aap, come in.

Mandalorian: What is it sir?

Darth Aap's Thoughts: That isn't the clone communicator who is supposed to be there.

Darth Aap: Never mind.

Mandalorian: ehh, ok sir.

Darth Aap took a huge fleet of Star Destroyers and moved to the Starforge in person. When he arrived there he saw a huge fleet of Ravagers with mandalorian marks.

Darth Aap: AH GREAT!! Attack!! Attack!! BUT DON"T DESTROY THE STARFORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

And so the battle to retake the Starforge begane.


Darth Blaze Profile

Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapon: 2 Single Blades, Orange and Red
Force info: Strong with force lightning, Weak with corruption tecniques.
Personality: Brutal, Smart, Dangerous Enthousiasm, Loyal, Does anything to achieve his goal
Biography: He was born on coruscant and his parents were killed by a clone trooper (still serving the republic) as an accident. Since then he has always been full of hatred. This way Darth Aap found him and offered him to join him and avenge his parets by helping him killing all loyal to the republic (rebellion etc.). Because of the hate he alway's carrys with him he is a dangerous opponent who knows no defeat yet. Althougth he is strong, he is still far from a Sith Lord, and his big Enthousiasm could become his death.
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