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Attack Of The Clones

Attack of The Clones mod, has been in production since September, was for EAW but we started working the FOC one 2 months ago. Any help would be appreciated.

TK58529 [leader]
Sakey [icon maker, helps with forums]
Clone_Commando [major coder]
csoler_1/firenic[or something like that] [major coder]
THX1138 [coder,skinner,mapper and concept artist]
ricardo [icons]
IG-756 [mapper]
Deadman_T [concept art]
{I will not give away my modeler]
HissingNewt [minor coder]
Weekes [mapper]
Cidwm [major codder]
Ciggofwar [lead mapper]
aj1304 [major coder]
Shadow_81 [mapper]

My contact information:

Most of our staff became inactive due to lack of contact, so if you want to join please get Xfire, it comes with about every new star wars game for the pc. Also, we are looking for people who are great coders that could train for us, it seems everyone I asked so far turned down.

Apply on our forums:

StarWars background:

Our mod is focused around the early Clonewars and CLONEWARS ONLY. We may add bonus units for the rebels and empire but we are mainly focused around the early CloneWars.

We suggest these tools if desired

Xml pad
map editor
DAT editor
alo viewer

Thank you,

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