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[Shortie Compilation] Inner Darkness Chronicles

Last week I posted a short fic called Home here and since some of the readers were intersted in what happens to the main character further I have decided to make these chronicles. The chronicles will consist of several short fics (I'm not sure yet how many shorties will there be precisely, but probably five or six) and the first one will be the already posted one - Home, which I will repost here. Since people have already read this first shortie, I will post the second one right away after I post Home.
Credits, hmmm... The first fic and the entire chronicles are inspired by many movies, TV series and games, I'll name just a few - Constantine, Batman Begins, KoTOR 2 - and I suspect that the readers will be able to recognize where the rest of my inspiration comes from, if they have watched the movies, or series, or played the games. Now, enjoy a view on the world from an entirely different perspective.

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