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Phoenix had been working the whole three hours, as the ship had been banged up hard by those fighters. He was already going to have to get the captain to purchase a new set of gravitonic stabilizers (which were barely holding together), a new turret which he was going to murder Tex for later, a refit of all of the food dispensers, and a new set of compression coils. To top that he was going to have to use a Mag. Hammer to redent into place the dented, supposedly indestructible and undentable blast door of the destroyed turret. With the Mag. Hammer in use, no one would be able to sleep. That's why he was holding it off until they landed.

Phoenix was currently fixing a few airlock panels that had gotten hit in the cargo bay. He himself looked like a wreck due to the lack of sleep, hundreds of bruises from running into walls, and cuts that had since clotted and would turn into scars.
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