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Darth Blaze: Heh, heh, heh, and a kid like you is going to stop me? You might be strong in the force, but you are no match for my skills. Beside that, I am a sith, and the light will never be able to defeat the darkness so, bring it on!!

Darth Blaze drew his two light sabers and attacked Tyrone. Even with Darth Blaze's training it was a hard battle. Just when Darth Blaze was winning Okoe bashed the door and aided Tyrone in battle. After Darth Blaze defended a few hits he knew he would never win this. When he got the chance he force-runned off without a word.

Okoe: DAMNIT!!

Okoe tried to use Force Push to stop him but Darth Blaze force-pulled the dead stormtroopers before him to catch up the attacks. Darth Blaze was already in the hangar with Okoe and Tyrone on his ass but just as he jumped toward an Interceptor Tyrone force-jumped toward him and managed to hit his leg (not cut it off).

Darth Blaze: AHRG!!!!!!!!

Okoe: Give up, You can't win.

Darth Blaze: Never!!!

Darth Blaze used a force lightning attack to throw Okoe and Tyrone off him and crawled to his fighter just before they recovered from it. Since Darth Blaze was already weakened a lot the attack didn't do any physical damage. Darth Blaze got behind the wheel and took off just before Okoe and Tyrone could stop him.


Okoe: That's just great...
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