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Davinq was bored. He walked down the street. He rounded the corner, and saw a wierd-looking building.

"Haha cool, I wonder if they sell condoms in there," Dav said.

He went inside, and a big, hairy thing fell from the ceiling and pounced on him!

Davinq instantly snapped into attack mode, landing a knee right in between the creatures legs. Oh. It was a girl. He freed his hands from the things armpits and thrust them towards its breasts. This worked like a charm, as the she-thing sprang up, howled. and ran into the back room. A man behind the counter was clapping.

"Hahahaha, well done! You'll be perfect for the job!"

Dav raised one eyebrow. "Job? I supposed it involves fighting," he eyed the freshly printed $100 bills sitting on the counter. "... and money. Keep talking."

"I want you to hunt down... this person," The man pointed to the photo on a poster on the wall behind him. It said Wanted: Blue-Skinned Twi'Lek. REWARD.

"And uh... alive, if you don't mind. Do we have a deal, mister..."

"Just call me Davinq."

"Right. Are we in accord."

"You've got yourself a deal."

They shake hands, and Davinq left the shop.

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