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Unfortaunately I don't feel insnae enough today to really post something great, but here's something anyway.

Suddenly out of nowhere DangeROSS burst in through a skylight. The skylight didn't exist at first. So it had to be built. A ten man crew of robotic automotons came in through a time-space portal and made one in about 2 and a half days. Everyone had to stay pefectly still and not move an inch, or there places would be wrong and nothing would seem right to anyone. The skylight was finally built and people we relieved to be able to move once again. then dangeROSS burst though the ceiling next to the skylight, because the didn't like the way it looked or something stupid like that. Once he landed he took out a gund and shot the skylight regardless. He made sure to head over and finish off every last piece of glass that resulted from the gunshot by stabbing the pieces with a knife until they became even smaller pieces. He then inhaled the glass dust to cut up his lungs. Because he beileved that would somehow make his lungs stronger. And aslo he enjoys consuming his defeated enemies.

DangeROSS then magically teleported behind the Cat-man and quickly shoved his hand through the cat-man's stomach. Producing his entrails and body organs and stuff on the other side for the cat-man to see before he died a horribly painful death. Freakin' blood spurt everywhere and the cat-man began urinating uncontrollably and incredibly hard.

Ir ripped through his pants and shot out across the room. Like so hard it cut a hole through a nearby wall and decapitated a baby in the other room. The baby was decapitated in slow motion. Baby blood and urine mixed together in a symphony of death and also pee. It created incredible colors that had never been viewed by human eyes before. It was so Earth Shattering and amazing 5 people standing nearby magically turned into giant chicken patties then ate themselves. they gorged on their deliciousness in the light of the blood-pee colors all the while smiles so large and hard on their chicken patty faces that it bled. Once they had consumed apporximately 38.9% of their bodies they exploded into squirrels which then ran into the sunset.

Before his life left his cat-body, dangEROSS leaned in very closely to his cat-human ear and whispered, I am captain Nemo. He sang the song quietly at first then began screaming it. The cat-ear started bleeding chokolate milkz. Then he frenched kissed his cat-human ear. HARD. Like he got his tongue a good 6 inches in there. Then the cat-man died. dangeROSS shoved his face into a remaining puddle of urine next to his body to not only further embarass his body and soul, but to also punish him for making number 1 inside.

He spun around supa fast. Like a blur. But also in slow motion. So that his hair and everything twirled and sparkled in the light. It was beautiful. But also dangerous. And mildly retarded as well. Doves flew by in the background in slow-motion as well. But these guns had on bullet proof vests and had guns duct-taped to their backs. Which is to show how bad-ass this scene really is. And to also make a pun by using duct tape, which sort of sounds like duck on a pigeon. Which will catch intellectuals and make them warm and tingly inside because they will feel so smart and think they caught something that others might have missed. But they are just stupid-babies.

His gaze fixed upon his opponent with a retarded man's intelligence. He got distracted by something shiny outside for a moment. His gaping maw smiled with wonder and cocked his head to the side in amusement. But the he became supa concentrated again.

He flicked the switch on his jet-pack, activating is twin turbo jets of love. He rose off the floor, and donned his helmet. With the ghastly visage of Steven Segal. He began crying. Not because he was scared, or because he's a little girly man or anything. Are you crazy? Are you a stupid baby or something? No, no, dangeROSS was shedding a tear for the fact that he was about to do glorious battle and nothing can compare to the wonder and beauty of such a thing.

Just then........

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