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Originally Posted by tk102
Yes, I thought of that and forgot to ask Prime -- when exactly did Lucas make the aforementioned statement? Was it when Anakin was appealing to Palpatine for the power to save the life of Padme? I assumed it was, and that's what threw me. I could more likely imagine him saying "the Dark Side is more powerful" during a battle or something. (Even so, isn't it strange how Yoda doesn't get beaten by the baddies?)
I'd have to go back and watch it, but I think it is pretty much what it says there. If you want to be as powerful as you possibly can be (i.e. abilities, in a nutshell), then you have to go to the darkside, because it can give you access to powers you otherwise couldn't. Off the top of my head there isn't anything that a lightsider can do that a darksider can't.

As to Yoda's statement, the important thing is to keep in mind that that is a character's point of view. In any event, that extra power comes with a great cost, so I don't think Yoda's statement is invalid necessarily.

The funny thing about Yoda's statement is that it kind of contradicts itself. The fact that the dark side provides quicker and easier use of the same powers makes it inherently more powerful, like any tool that lets you do something easier than another tool.

Originally Posted by YertyL
Perhaps he changed his mind in between ESB and AOTC?
Anyway, another famous one...
"Its energy sorrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter! You have to feel the Force around you: Here, between you, me, the rock, the tree - everywhere. Even between swamp ... and ship."

Aaah, somehow jedi have been downgraded a little since the OT... :-/
How so?

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