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((This is taking a spookily Star Warsy turn. Let's sprinkle some Matrix elements in, shall we? ))

Davinq was sitting back in his apartment, searching the Moon's citizenship archives for his target. It was well known that most Aliens prefer the bleak blackness of the moon, for it reminds them of space, and home. Dav thought that was his best bet, and an hour later, he wasn't so sure.

But then an MSN chat window popped up. The timing couldn't be better. His friend Scott ((OOC: I'm trying to convince him to come to LF)) had asked him if he had seen this really hott with a double t Twi'Lek walking aimlessly around the amphitheatre at the Seattle Center. Dav didn't even reply. He'd already grabbed his combat jacket, tennis shoes, and threader gloves and dashed out the door.

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