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"Yeah, we must do that." Then he turned to his Twi'Lek Padawan, and smiled and then introduced: "Toent, meet my friends, Arion and Aurora Starfire. [Whispers to Toent: Don't worry about Arion, he got a shortout somewhere.]" Then he pointed at his brain. The Twi'lek Jedi smiled shallowly, and bowed in Twi'Lek tradition, "Arion, Aurora, meet my 'rogue' padawan, Toent Bekunn."

Toent stared at CSI. "What?" CSI asked her.


"OK, I think everyone here has senced the impending crisis of another Operation: Knightfall. So Aurora and Arion, you take my padawan and these younglings to the Jedi Phoenix, ok?" Suddenly CSI noticed Toent's concerned eyes, "wait, you guys just take the younglings to the ship, and I got something to discuss with my padawan. And, we both can find to build some defensive weapons for the upcoming attacks, such as automated turrents, and other things. First, we need to protect the younglings. Just in case this temple is perished, we still got younglings."

Then he nodded: "Any questions?"

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