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In the Archives, CSI was reading about Nuclear Bombs, while Toent Bekunn taking books about Nuclear Weapons and Sniper Rifles.

"Aha! Here it is!" CSI began to read on,

Originally Posted by There is no source...I made it up.
...The nukes are commonly packed in missiles and briefcase type...
"What do you propose, Master?" Toent Bekunn asked CSI.

Putting down the book, CSI said thoughtfully, "Now we got 2 things to make: A sniper rifle and...a tractor beam with Ion Cannon. Well, Ion Cannon disables the bomb's mechanisms--to prevent the remote detonation, while the Tractor Beam would drag the nuke down slowly to the ground to avoid the explosion of the impact. We can't afford to fail this mission--otherwise we would be oblitrated."

@R9: Advise accepted.

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