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Aurora and Arion led the younglings through the ship, amid a constant chatter of excitement and curiosity.

"And here's the cockpit," Arion said, with a grin. The younglings were quiet for a moment, taking it in, and then the questions and chatter resumed, louder than before.

"What's this do?"

"Is that the galaxy map?"

"Where are we on there?"

"How do you turn it on?"

"When can we go for a ride?"

"Calm down, calm down! One at a time!" Aurora said, laughing. Arion had one of them in his lap, at the controls, with a couple more around him, listening.

"....those control the comm system..... and that's the tractor beam control....."

"And those are for the landing gear!" one of the younglings piped up.

Arion looked over at him, surprised. "You catch on pretty quick," he said, with a smile.

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