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Darth Blaze: I will..... ahhh.... never ever join the reb.......

Tyrone: His uncocious he may die

Darth Blaze: Im not going to die by you

*Darth Blaze got so angry and force pulled the whole transport crushing it together and making it look like a scrunched tissue*

Tyrone: NO!

*tyrone jumps out of the transport with a few other rebels and it wasn't far from the ground so they could easily jump out. Darth Blaze stopped nearly unconscious and he was trying to get to the controls and then he went unconcious and fainted and he lent on the contols and he went up into space then it went past a star destoyer and they used its tractor beam to take the transport in*

Tyrone, Im going to have a look at this other thread your talking about but nobody go because l am going to still be on this forum

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