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::Meanwhile, back at in the Trayus Core...::

Traya turned around with an enraged look carved into her wrinkled face as Faye bounced into the room, dressed in a low-cut top, with cut-off jean shorts and a doo-rag, it was last season's hottest look, but it was the best she could come up with on such short notice.

"Sorry Tray-Tray I couldn't find my duct tape gawd why are you up so early and what's with the lighting in here it's so depressing every time I walk in here gawd," Faye squawked.

Irritated at Faye's very presence, but knowing full-well that Faye was the only one able to navigate the vast sea of books within the Trayus Academy library, Traya restrained her anger and queried "Could you please fetch me all of the information you can on the system located within the heart of the former Mandalorian Empire, I feel as though there may be something hidden there that may give us some clues about those who have been giving us so much trouble lately."

"Sure thing Tray-Tray!," Faye said with a mix of false enthusiasm and dread.
'Gawd, the library is always so dusty this is going to be hell on my allergies I wish she would let me take some of her most megas good soldiers with me to help clean the place once in a while I can't do everything by myself.'

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