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Hey tyrone l thought it was someone else anyway l will be in this forum and please correct me if lm wrong but you said 'anyone' so l might be the mandalorians if you dont mind otherwise l will be the CIS ok

Mandalorian version of battle
Mandalorian officer: There seems to be a large fight over naboo

Mandalorian Clan leader: Well that means ofcourse we should go there

Mandalorian Officer: Move out

*several mandalorian ships leave to go to naboo while the battle between the cis and republic is raging*

CIS version of battle
Battle Droid Commander: Move move move

Battledroid: Sir they are sending reinforcements

Battle Droid Commander: Well bring in more space craft

Battledroid: Roga Roga

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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