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okay cool
as the battle raged on after a few v-wings bombed the ship it was gonna explode
so tj got out quicky then the ship exploaded phew lets get back to the fleet.
Clone: The mandlrlions are coming to aid us so will the gugans
Clone: the ships have lanaded on nabbo
Clone: All alclimatoris raged down there make sure all civiallians are safe
Tj was in a comand post telling the how to win the battle when the battle raged on
Tj: all nabbo cilvallians report the ships queen pf nabbo go all the palace was destroyed.
Tj: saw a little young girl she was a jedi he asked her to go
she just deflecting lasers then a tank fired a pillar nooo! he force jumped pushed her out
of the way he was crushed but force pushed it at some AAtts and staps...

Galaxies name Mortal78
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