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((OK i'm going to skip us forward to landing on the station so we can get into the main body of the story, Tee has already died.

Note: The mission we were currently on was simply to collect some newly discovered plant samples from aquarius for the GE. Anyway we picked up the supplies from the GMC world and while in the lane between Gemini and ISS 5 the lane got disrupted, we fell out and were attacked by the J birds, A rocket hit near Tee's turret and shrappnel sliced into him.))

The Silent spear slowly approached the hanger on the Galactic Enforcer section of the Space station. As they were currently working for the G.E. getting clearance was simply calling in to the perimeter traffic control and telling the ships clearance. While on the communication with the G.E Jason also requested a repair crew to begin fixing the damage they took during their recent encounter.

The ship went through the door way and began to land on a cross painted on to the solid metal floor. The huge metal doors began to close beind the ship engulphing it within the G.E's hanger bay. As the doors sealed shut the atmospheric vents opened and began to fill the hanger with the Oxygen/Nitrogen mix most human found to be optimal.

The ships landing gears began to extend out of the ship as it lowered towards the landing cross below them. As the metal touched the metal a crashing noise echoed through the hanger and ship.

After a few moment the Loading ramp at the rear of the ship began to lower and the Silent Spear's crew all exited into the Hanger. Various mechanics had already entered the room carrying the repair parts and various tools.

Jason turned so he was facing the whole crew. "Alright, I'm going to the Enforcers offices and get us th scratch we're owed. Catch we're going to need food, Medical supples and some more ammo for turrets, take Shien and Cassie with you. Pheo you know what needs to be repaired so keep an eye on these knuckle draggers and see if you can get those parts you needs then get some rest, and Tex take some time out you look shattered. Everyone frosty with that?"

((OCC- If you'd rather your character do something else have your guy ask Jason and he'll say yes.))
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