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Originally Posted by starmark2k
Jason turned so he was facing the whole crew. "Alright, I'm going to the Enforcers offices and get us th scratch we're owed. Catch we're going to need food, Medical supples and some more ammo for turrets, take Shien and Cassie with you. Pheo you know what needs to be repaired so keep an eye on these knuckle draggers and see if you can get those parts you needs then get some rest, and Tex take some time out you look shattered. Everyone frosty with that?"
Tekla had just woken up and looked that way everytime he wakes up. "Jay I'm good I'll just stay on the ship with Phoenix." He turns to Phoenix, "If that's what your doing? Cuz I'll help you out anyway you need me to. I've got a little experience back at home on Haven." He pushed his hair up into the position it normally would be if it wasn't wet from sweat or from sleeping.
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