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Just because it's an rpg centered forum doesn't mean that everyone is biased to story over gameplay

The options I accept for games are...
Great gameplay, no story
Great gameplay, great story

I don't care how good the story is, if the gameplay sucks I'm going to get ticked off and throw my mouse because I can't get to the next plot point due to some door script not triggering half the time or whatever.

I play Counterstrike and a lot of similar games that have absolutely no story. It's competitive, intense, and social. If you want some kind of story you make it yourself.
Any attempt to add story to it usually ruins the experience.

I also love a game with a good story where you pay more attention to what's happening than what you're doing, but if it's going to have a story it has to be a great story, and have the gameplay to back it up instead of leaning on the story as an excuse for not taking time to test the game or even try to make a unique gameplay.
If I'm going to play a buggy half-playable game I may as well be doing something else like watching Battlestar or reading a book. In the case of reading a book, an equivalent to playing a crappy game with a good story is reading a book with crayon scribbled all over the pages......just why?

A game is a game, it has to be playable, otherwise it's just a horribly produced movie.

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