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Finished an older adventure game called I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream a minute ago. What a buggy game! I had to start over several times because it kept crashing and corrupting my safe files. I played it entirely with a walkthrough (because I wanted to avoid all the numerous bugs), but even then I got stuck several times. Bah.

Other than that, it was quite an interesting experience. My favourite segment was probably Ted's because it had such an interesting premise. Gorrister was excellent as well. Same for Nimdok, though I'm quite disturbed by that I grew to feel sympathy for his character, even after learning all the things he had done.

I hear the game has multiple endings, so I'll probably have to try again a few times to see if I can reach a happier one than the one I just got. Then again, I have a feeling that there is no happy ending in this game.

Anyone else played this? I'd love to discuss it.

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