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They shouldn't mix with other races or teach their techniques and skills to
anyone else even if some members of those other races would be strong in
the force... (They should just destroy all other force sensitive peoples and
Genocide. That could be the most darkest aspect and curelest aspect of K3.

EDIT: And it's not the genocide of Darth Nihilus, he eats for hunger. It's a cold, manlipatuive, smart Takrin ordering for the destruction of Alderran.

Originally Posted by The Onion
"The Cambodian government has established many exciting-sounding 're-education camps' where both intellectuals and everyday citizens can be sent at any time," Day said. Well, we at Barnes & Noble have always supported re-education in America, and we intend to extend this policy to our new customers." For every hardcover book sold, Barnes & Noble will donate a dollar to the Cambodian government to help re-educate local children.
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