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Originally Posted by ALIEN_JL
The true sith should be distinguishable race... Not just some humans or other
races who follow the sith way... (They should look much like humans though)

They should be entirely force sensitive race... And they should think about
them selfs as master race and force all other races to worship them as gods
and or serve them as slaves...

They shouldn't mix with other races or teach their techniques and skills to
anyone else even if some members of those other races would be strong in
the force... (They should just destroy all other force sensitive peoples and
Meh. That sounds too much like genocidal, anarchistic types to me. Besides, we already know that the true Sith are manipulative and insidious.

And if they are the descendants of the old Sith Empire and thus has ties to the original sith species, then we already know that they've interbred with the human dark jedi exiled from the Republic after the Hundred Years Darkness. They would look distinctly alien, however. Even Naga Sadow, who looked a lot more human than most, clearly had non-human ancestors.

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