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* The stardestroyer left the system to go look for rebels*
Wheres Impelite l wonder?
Imperial: Search the systems for any rebel scum

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*The different groups of star destroyers left to find the rebels on different planets and they found all the rebels accept from tyrone and his group of rebels*

Stormtrooper: Found a group of rebels on plenty of different planets what should we do with them

Imperial: Eliminate them

Stormtrooper: Yes Sir

*Nearly all the rebels was killed and when they found mon mothma they sent her to Darth Aap*

Mon Mothma: You will not get away with this

Darth Aap: Already have. PUT HER IN THE CELL!

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the stormtroopers left the room and when they got to the cells mon mothma went out of disguise and it was Alixie and she kicked the stormtroopers and she jamed the hand cuffs in to the cell and they broke and when the stormtroopers were getting off the ground she got there gun and shot them both*

Stormtroopers: Sound the alarm

* an alarm sounds *

Alixie: Very unsettled but it got the job done

*Several stormtroopers were running towards her and alixe just shot them all*

Alixie: Easy

*the battle continues*

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