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"This is your worst idea ever," Alixe said, contemplating how she got here. Using only Jan's blaster pistol she couldn't get a good shot at Mara Jade as they chased her through Nar Shaddaa. After she escaped however this ingenious little plan was dreamt up, despite Alixe pointing out that her age would give her away. She never would have guessed that they were half blind. "Imperials will kill themselves with their stupedity if we do not kill them first." Ripping off the wig Alixe searched the dead Stormtroopers, the fact she had disguised herself as Mothma making her think of the Rebel Leader's thoughts on the Death Star, how the Empire's destruction of Aldaraan had rallied the galaxy against the threat like never before. That thought appealed to Alixe, frowning that she couldn't find what she was looking for. Of course not, these guards wouldn't need thermal detonators, though the reinforcements who would be close to being outside might. Alixe aimed the rifle to the roof and fired, thinking a much easier way would be to try and find the ship's armory, if there was one. Not knowing whether or not there were Stormtroopers after her Alixe fired down the hall, hoping at least they had enough brains to not risk getting killed long enough for her to climb up through the hole she made. "Damn it, I am getting too old for this."
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