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DangeROSS was shocked at the sight of Daving. He thought a duel was iminent. But then Ave's game of Brick attack got to level 15. Everybody quickly gathered around and watched her play. Everyone was all smiles and happy. Then a stray dog walked up to them. He was a fat pug. He looked at them, and then turned around and made a giant poo.

The poo was then struck by magic lightning and came alive. At once the Dooky and the fat dog attacked. They started dancing to The Spice Girls. Their moves were very well choreographed and made good use of rythm, tempo, and love. Their dance was so well done, that the three bounty hunters got very well served agreed all the fellow prak goers.

So the three got together and brainstormed a retaliation. Whatever they came up with, it had to be damn good. They considered the worm, the lawnmower, the sprinkler all the classics. Somehow the Charleston came up. Danger was afraid. Could they really pull off such a complex and amazing piece of dancingness?

"This is madness!" He yelled. And then Steven Segal teleported in from out of nowhere and went " Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he just kicked danger in the stomach into a well. And then Segal teleported away

After that...........

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