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Dwain's Auto-aim system was pointing randomly at each of the attacking Sith Fighters. His gloved fingers pressed against the triggers, laser fire burst out of the Turbo Blasters. Small explosions were made after Dwain took down an enemy Fighter.

"Hey Dante! How many have you gunned down?" Dwain laughed. There was no reply.

"Errr... Dante? Are you in there?" Dwain called out. Again, no reply. Who was in the bottom turret, he wondered.

Dwain noticed a second button on his control sticks. A small, red button next to the trigger. Dwain pressed it, wondering what would happen. Then he looked out his overlooking window, to see a missle burst out of the Turrets. The seemed to follow and assigned target, a rather paranoid looking Fighter. The Missle finally hit the Sith Fighter, vaporising the remains of the destroyed Fighter.

"OHH, SWEET!!! SEEKER MISSLES!" Dwain yelled out in joy.
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