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"Jay I'm good I'll just stay on the ship with Phoenix." He turns to Phoenix, "If that's what your doing? Cuz I'll help you out anyway you need me to. I've got a little experience back at home on Haven."

Phoenix's eye twitched and he said "I don't think you want to, since I still have to murder you for that turret."

After that he was off, running up to the mechanics and making sure that they knew what they were doing and such. After that, he got the Mag. Hammer and went to work on that dent. The Mag. Hammer, which was short for Magnetic Hammer, was basically a hammer that used magnetic pull to make the swings hit metals harder, depending on the level you set it. Even with maximum setting it would take a few hours to dent it into place properly, so Phoenix went to work swinging. It was loud enough to be heard all over the hanger.
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