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Storyline is one hell of alot more important. Im sick of lame storylines in video games.
You can trace this due to "story writers" being seen as very superfluous. Not only do they don't get paid very well, but sometimes, they aren't even hired...the game designers just tack on a plot to the game.

Yes, story is REALLY important to Pong.
Already written a story for Pong.

That is no longer the case in a world with virtual games like World of Warcraft (WoW), EVE online, Second Life (yes, I know they don't like being called a "game", but it's relevant to consider in this purpose) or the host of other MMORPGs out there.
MMOs are a special case entrily. I'm not too worried about them, altough they do turn me off...there's no end, and too much whining. I'm talking about SP games here. There has been, however, some good plots in small online rpgs around (by that, I also mean the RP cantina forum as well).

If the plot is engrossing and closely connected to the actual gameplay, then the plot-driven game will definitely be liked by more people, I think. However, if the plot is a pure excuse for the game that serves no other purpose, then people will go for the plot-free version, I suspect. Just like the Star Trek: Armada games. We like plots, but not as mere excuses. And we MUST have something invested emotionally in the plot AND its characters if it is to have any impact on us as players.
Big problem. You see, the plot could be seen as "added-on" to the second game of Asteriod, altough hopefully, it would be very awesome and great. The gameplay won't change to fit the plot though, that might skew results, as I want to test if people prefer storyline...and I don't want new gameplay to mess it all up.
Ah. Well, I guess Jediphile's post as well as others did sway that this experiment really wouldn't really work.

The main thing is the reviewers. You have to make sure they are unbiased and/or represent a fair majority of what all reviewers would feel. It's a dire task, and one I don't think would work. Placing them all over the web might be nice, but then you just get spammers for both sides...and might not actually get an accurate reading of how good the games actually ARE. But, thanks for all your comments anyway. I learnt a lot about the future of gaming.

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