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"More than you, wiseguy." Dante shouted back, after manned another turrent. His gunning skill is very good, as he's an elite commando.

Aim for the pilot, Dante thought and he put his crosshair on the lead starfighter's cockpit and pressed trigger. "Bye bye." Then the first starfighter exploded, and the two behind it also exploded because of the shards. "Bingo!"

Suddenly another red light flashed. "Seeker Missles?" Dante thought for a while. No problem. "Dwain, let's see how many seeker missiles you can take! Bring it on! This is where the fun begin!" Then he carefully aligned his crosshair to the head of one of the missile and flipped the weapon switch to Ion Mode. And a small beam hit the Missile head and after a while, it exploded far before it could reach The Strider.

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