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Darth Aap: I sence a disturbance in the force. There is battle going on and Darth Blaze is having a hard time it seems.

Darth Aap to Imperial: What the hell is going on back there

Imperial: Lord Aap?! but, you're dead.

Darth Aap: What are you talking about.

Imperial: Well this kid came rushing in the throne room, he battled you and you died.

Darth Aap: I've been on korriban for 3 weeks now. WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!

Imperial: It looks like somebody cloned you. I already wonderd how the Dark Lord could be beaten that easily. You, I mean the clone was dead in only a few seconds.

Darth Aap: Im thorough with all this bullsh!t. I'm taking my 3 Darkside adepts with me and I'm going to restore order to MY empire. YOU!! Collect all the possible troops and kill anything suspicious immideately.

Imperial: Right away sir.

Darth Aap: Start with clearing out Coruscant. I want this kid you're talking about dead. And any rebel presence too. By the way where is Blaze

Imperial: He has been attacke by Okoe and the kid and is now in the hidden medical outpost at the moon of Dathomir.

Darth Aap: NOW I"M MAD!!! TIME TO DIE SCUM!!!!!!
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