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well, rushing and doing are 2 different things.
As well, Lucasarts is a huge company, animation and live series are 2 different things, more than not, handled by different departments anyway.

As far as cost, it's a clean investment. It's money in the bank. You make it, they (us) will come.
I've been Jedi for 30 yrs., waiting and waiting for 'the dark times, the empire'. Vader in his prime, Solo in his youth, the hunt of the Jedi. Also, in the radio series from the 70's, I remember then talking about the Sith, outside the republic, deep on the edge of the galaxy. Perhaps something about Vader having gone out there for a time.(it was a long time ago, my hearing this mind you). then, with kotor, Revan and the Exile are headed out that way also. So, still waiting for this story to be told. I hope we get some of this great mystery solved before i die, or civilization crumbles, or the Empire finishes taking over the world and bans Star Wars.

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