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Originally Posted by HerbieZ
I don't understand why people say that if they rush this it will be like TSL. TV and gaming, however many similarities are too completely different things. He has several billion dollars behind him, why are people scared?
I agree that TSL development cycle has no bearing or comparison to how Star Wars on tv will turn out. While I agree that TSL was indeed hurt greatly by a rushed development cycle enforced by LA on Obsidian, this has no relevance to the tv shows, because Lucas himself is at the top of those, and he doesn't have to care one whit whether anyone thinks he's doing things too slowly or not. He can do whatever he pleases, and nobody can tell him otherwise. If he wants to spend five years developing those shows, then he will. So that's not the concern.

No, the concern is that what Lucas wants to do may not be so interesting. While lots of people like ROTS to at least some degree, fears of the ghosts TPM and JarJar rearing their ugly heads are indeed present. Lucas can also completely turn Star Wars into a cartoonish (and by that I don't mean merely animated) version of itself, or a glorified "muppet show" of silly "fun" characters (like JarJar), if that is what he wants to do. And nobody can tell him otherwise, not even the fans. I think that's what many of us are concerned about.

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