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Guys we have to go to yavin and tell master luke skywalker corasunts is being invaded
my the imperils come on theay took a mandlrion medical one and took off then laned on yavin 4 .
Tj: help us master skywalker we need alot of jedi the empire is trying to cntrol corausunt. right away then luke got him all sorts of jedi so rebal transports and flagships went to corasunt.
Stormtrooper: Whats was that?
Tj: die
Stormtrooper on comlink wtf?
tj: cut any imperils in his way then he saw darth aap
time to duel and finish once and for tj force oushed him off the edge so he feel...

Galaxies name Mortal78
Sever Starsider
Army Empire
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