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Darth Aap fell down but just before he smashed into the ground below Darth Blaze catched him.

Darth Aap: Thanks. Are you fully recovered yet?

Darth Blaze: O yeah.

Darth Aap: Now let get back up. He's no match for us both.

Darth Blaze: I've got something better. Lets sneak off the planet without anyone knowing. We'll leave a hologram down here of a dead you. We get off the planet and fire the Deathstar I just brought with me just in case.

Darth Aap: It's operational yet?!?! how did you manage that. It was supposed to take 3 more months.

Darth Blaze: Yeah but one of the mechanics invented some stuff that speeded it up.

Darth Aap: This plan is perfect. We'll kill this kid who is extremely strong in the force, A ****load of rebels, And some jedi.

Darth Blaze: Jedi?

Darth Aap: Yeah, I senced some jedi reinforcements comming in.

And so Aap and Blaze activated their stealth field generators and sneaked aboard a cargo ship that was just leaving. Darth Aap learned Blaze and himself to suppress their forcepower. This way no jedi could sence them. When the transport was outside the planets atmosphere they walked to the pilot.

Pilot: Stowaways? Get out of my ship before i call secu- Lord Aap?!

Darth Aap: Get to the Deathstar. Don't worry i'll compensate any cash losses.

Pilot: Shure.

Then the transport flew toward the Deathstar hangar.

Imperial through intercom: Transport craft, the Deathstar is forbidden airspace, Please turn your ship arou-

Darth Aap: I'm Darth Aap you fool!! Let me pass NOW or you'll regret it.

Imperial: S-sorry sir.

Then Aap and Blaze boarded the Deathstar. It fired and Coruscant was blown to bits.

Darth Blaze: Heh heh, he's probably dead. I don't sence his presence anymore

Darth Aap: But is he truely dead. If he's uncontious you don't sence him too, remember.

Darth Blaze: But it's impossible to survive that!

Darth Aap: I guess you'r rigth.

Darth Aap and Blaze went off to Korriban for some ''buisness'' in 2 stealthed fighters. They didn't want any unwanted attention with them and Aap said it would be best to not have the eyes of stormtroopers with them. The deathstar with the accompanying fleet remained at Coruscant's remains destroying any transports or any suspicious activity. Darth Aap left 3 Highly trained Sith Lords at the Deathstar to defend any jedi attacks.
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