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Be shure to read my previous post on page 3

Once arrived at Korriban Aap and Blaze traveled to the Valley of Lords. There Aap used some kind of force tecnique Blaze didn't knew. Then in a rock, a hidden entrance opened, Darth Aap and Blaze moved inside. There was an old, very old droid.

Blaze: Amazing

Aap: It's an ancient storage of Sith Warriors who were vrozen in long ago by Naga Sadow. If we can reactivate the we will have an army of sith lords under our command. We will truely be unstoppable.

Blaze: Sweet

Droid: I will now analyse if you are truely a Sith and no Jedi Traitor. Finish the Lines.

Droid: Through passion I gain:
Aap: Strength
Droid: Through Victory:
Aap: My chains are broken
Droid: If my commander orders me to spare an enemy:
Aap: I kill my commander
Droid: Because:
Aap: He is weak. Only the strong survive in the sith.
Droid: Why?
Aap: Because that is why we sith are strong.
Droid: Analysis 1 complete. Please produceed in the next room.

Blaze: This is exiting.

Aap: Yes but stay focussed. the challenges ahead will be VERY hard.

Blaze: I'm ready

Aap and Blaze proceeded inside the next room and the door behind them closed. A door opened and 3 Terentatek beasts entered the room. Darth Blaze attacked them with a strong Force Lightning attack but it had no effect.

Aap: These creatures are immune to the force.

Blaze: Wonderfull

Aap: We'll have to battle them with only our sabers.
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