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Everyone thought aap was dead when i force pushed you aap i told them the wars has endned.
Tj: master skywalker i need all jedi i have now a powerful sith lord called app hasent been killed yet he survived on the holonet.
Luke skywalker: yes master tj
The fleet crossed the gallaxy at full speed to korriabian there were rebal soildgers jedi knights and of coruse me laned then lots of sith pooped out
Jedi: For the rebellion.
Walls cracked has jedi saber cut them
rebal rockts blown up a entire all serching for aap and after me and oke watched the last wall tubmal and darth aap and his apprentice were captured then 80 fleets came.
Tj:What the imperil cruseris then master skywalker and all the jedi came stromtroopers blasted them
darktroopers came and of coruse Darth vader
tj: oh god.

Galaxies name Mortal78
Sever Starsider
Army Empire
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