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After spent time in the Archive, CSI and Toent Bekunn hurried to the Temple Control Room. He knows there are some Ion Cannons in the building, and he was just looking for them. In the control room, he typed into the console: "Activate Ion Cannon. Set it to attack hostiles, projectile is the first priority."

Then he stood up, "Our task is done here, and you stay here. I'm going to install the Tractor Beam." Toent Bekunn nodded. She knew CSI won't leave her again.

Outside the temple, CSI carried a bag full of electronic gagets, and casted the Force Speed to ran up the outside wall of the Jedi Temple. The Sunset shone onto the Jedi Temple, and casted a vast shadow showing CSI was climbing the wall of Jedi Temple.

When he finally reached the Ion Cannon, he suddenly realized he can't do the task. He is a Demolition Expert, but he's not a Repair Expert! Darn, Then he realized Aurora, the Repair Expert, is in her ship. He Force Whispered:::Aurora, do you have a hand? I might need your help here.::

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