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Aurora slid down, and went to the Pheonix to see how Arion was doing. She crept to the door, and peeked in.

Arion was sitting on the floor, surrounded by the younglings, who were listening, wide-eyed. " the last moment, Master Jinn leapt onto the boarding ramp of the ship as it took off. They safely made it to Coruscant, and were able to report to the Council about what had happened. The Council gave them a new assignment, once again into great danger.... but that, is another story."

"Awww!" the younglings complained.

"Now, now, younglings, that was quite a long story that Master Arion told you. It's time now for you to sleep," Aurora said with a smile.

"Yes, Master Aurora," the younglings said, reluctantly. Aurora led them to the dormitories, and tucked them in.

When she came back, she leaned up against the doorway, and smiled fondly at her brother. "You're pretty good with kids, you know," she remarked. "And quite a storyteller, I might add. Whatever put it into your head to choose that tale?"

Arion busied himself with packing some equipment into a backpack, and didn't look up. "Well, I.... it's just the first one that came into my head, is all. You know, it's one of the first ones I remember being told when we were younglings."

"Yes... I remember. Oh, CSI wants to see you. Something about weapon assembly and such. I'll stay here with the younglings, but be sure to call me if there's trouble."

Arion stood up. "I'll go see him, then."

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