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Aap and Blaze were put in forcecages. Aap reached to Blaze with the force to communicate.

Aap: I'm going to get you out of here. You get back inside the tomb. If you steal back your stealth generator you shouldn't be interrupted. No jedi OR imperial knows what's in there anyway. Once you continue through the battle arena we just cleared out, you will get in Naga Sadow's tomb. His spirit still haunts the place. Ask him for support against the Jedi. You don't have to lie to him if he asks something.

Blaze: Yes master.

Aap to Guard: Guard, my apprentice is very sick. Can you open his cell cage.

Guard: Why would i do that

Aap: [Force Persuade] Because he's very sick. And you want to help him.

Guard: [Succes] I, guess I do.

Once the guard opened the cage Blaze used Lightning to blast the guard down. He sneaked to the tomb and went inside the last room.

Naga Sadow: What brings you to my tomb, young sith.

Darth Blaze: I need your help, my master.

Naga Sadow: What's wrong

Darth Blaze: Since you passed away, 4000 years have passed. The sith ruled over most of them, but now the Jedi have a lot of soldiers with them and there are only a few of us sith left. Just me, my master, darth vader, and some adepts.

Naga Sadow: This isn't good. I shall lend you my army of frozen sith lords.

Darth Blaze: Thank you alot master.

An old door opened by some mysterious power and behind it there were hundreds of thousands of frozen sith lords. Each one of them was able to match a jedi knight and together they could destroy 20 jedi orders with ease.

Darth Blaze: The tide has just turned, heh heh heh.

Sith Commander: What is the current situation.

Naga Sadow: You and your men shall obey this young Sith and his master Darth Aap, and the sith lord Darth Vader.

Sith Commander: Affirmative great lord.

Darth Blaze: Follow me outside and kill any Rebels, who are dressed in red, or jedi. The soldiers in white armor are allies.

Sith Commander: It shall be done.

Tons of lightsabers were activated and the army of Lords rushed out terminating any resistance. The jedi were completely overrunned.

Okoe: WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tj: RUN!!!

Okoe, Tyrone, and 3 Jedi were the only ones who managed to hijack an imperial transport by force-jumping to it. They were the only light siders who left Korriban alive. Meanwhile the Starforge was retaken and an immence fleet of Ravagers and the Sith lords raged throught the galaxy eliminating any resistance. Darth Aap and Blaze were at the Super Star Destroyer inhabated by 300.000 stormtroopers and 600 Sith Lords. in a mather of weeks they'd retaken 62% of the galaxy. Okoe and Tyrone had no other choise then go into hiding until they found a way to counter this immence force.

Darth Aap: Well done my apprentice, The galaxy is ours. We are now unstoppable.

But Darth Blaze had a bad feeling about it.
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