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Well, actually the only probem most people have about the rescue would be:
1) Leia/chewie's so-called infiltration.
2) Luke's lack of saber/other weapons.

As said Leia's action is close to stupidity; I mean, do you really think you can sneak around for solo like that w/o being noticed? And even if it would work, you still get a trapped chewie.

And Luke... he knows that his mindtrick would get him in anyways. The best way would be to make a backup saber. Assuming that he does not have the resources(obi-wan only have one backup hilt) then a nice gun or three would make killing a rancor and other people easier, maybe he can hack his way thru the palace?

BTW, if he would try to hack his way thru the palace he would actually have caused less death than blowing up a barge.

And for the Fett factor... well you are going to face him anyways, one way or another. And no, I don't think Luke at the time is good enough to foresee the "Bpbba Fett! Bobba Fett, Where?" incident.
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