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Redistributing Jedi Knight Outcast 1.02?

I was wondering as you can no longer by the CD in stores if i would be able to post a link of where you can download jedi knight 2, the community is good but small and getting smaller. Redistributing the game to a variety of people and boosting the online population would be good. Jedi knight 1.02 is a much more different online game to how it started out... We worked out the best game modes and things to make it a hell load of fun.

Just an idea but people from lucasarts probably won't look at this anyway? It's probably illegal for me to give out a place where you can download one of their products for free so that's why im asking. However you can't buy the game in stores anymore(not anywhere near me anyway) and more people would not put any additional strain on lucas arts because the servers are not hosted by them.
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