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Suddenly a cold chill ran through his spine. Darth Ba'al?

::Greetings, Sith.:: CSI said calmly, ::First, I haven't used Darth Nihilus for a long time, not since I was redeemed by the Exile, Sera Tana. Second, don't even think about Jedi Order being pulverized and perished under your Mandalorian Army. Remember, I flow-walked to the future, and seen REAL Operation: Knightfall. Third, I'm looking forward to the meeting, between you and me.::

After heard Darth Ba'al's speech, CSI reached into his robe and took out a white mask. It has two bloody red stripes above the eye hole. It was Darth Nihilus's Mask. CSI shook his head, and then put it back into his robe.

Toent Bekunn gasped, and backed off. "No way, no way you can be...Darth Nihilus!"

CSI looked at Toent, nodded, "Yes, I was Darth Nihilus. But now I returned to Light Side, as your former Master, CSI."

Toent Bekunn said nothing, but looked at CSI suspiciously.

CSI sighed deeply.

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