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The Mandalorian Soldiers, armed with super-modified blaster rifles, killed their way to the hangar. A huge resistance always lay ahead of them, but always killed they would be as they would prove no match for Edash's Lightsaber.

"Finally, we have reached it," Edash said to his Mandalorians as then, a giant hiss could be heard and a light blue blade could be seen from far away. A Jedi.

"Leave him to me," He said, dropping his cloak on the ground as his soldiers dispersed and tried to capture the hangar.

"So, a Jedi still lives," Edash started, igniting his double-bladed Lightsaber, "That is most surprising."

"You will find that i am full of surprises," The Jedi told Edash, dropping his cloak as well, "Mandalorian Sith."

"Ah, i see you are familiar with my title. But you're just about to find out it's more than a title."
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