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Grace nodded. Gesturing for Ciyagi and Cassie to follow, she headed deeper into the station. As they walked, she spoke. "Cassie, you know best what medical supplies are needed, so I'll send you after those. Ciyagi, why don't you go for the turret ammo? I'll hunt down some food and we'll meet back at the ship in half an hour."

Without waiting for their answers, Grace headed away toward a food store. As she entered, she bit her lip as a shelf holding Tee's favorite food caught her eye. But she was determined not to cry, especially not in such a public place. She'd save it for later that night, when everyone else went to bed. Then, for their nightmares, she would not be able to sleep. Then, she would allow her tears to come. But now, blinking furiously, she pushed forward, determined to make her purchases and get back to the ship.
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