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Darth (Mission) started spraying bullets at Danger, from twin pistols of powa'. Some were deflected by his sword skillz. While others were absorbed by his body and organs. Danger then started a comlex and intricate routine where he and his dog merged into a more powerful being. Basically, his dog just got on his back and held his dog sword in his dog mouth and a little dog dagger super-glued into his little dog-paw. It really didn't do much in terms of helping him out to fight. But it looked bad-ass.

Daving continued to eat fried dough and watched the fight passively.

Then both Ave and Danger jumped high up into the air into the hot air ballons to continue the fight. They started fighting in seperate ballons, but the fight progressed into them climbing on top of them. They danced across the tops of many balloons. Popping a few of them and dooming those stuck in the carriage of the balloons.

Then Daving magically showed up and wanted to go watch a bear ride a little car. They all agreed to do so. Also other forumites were there. We all got ice cream sundaes.

But ......

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