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Originally Posted by starmark2k
Note: The mission we were currently on was simply to collect some newly discovered plant samples from aquarius for the GE. Anyway we picked up the supplies from the GMC world and while in the lane between Gemini and ISS 5 the lane got disrupted, we fell out and were attacked by the J birds, A rocket hit near Tee's turret and shrappnel sliced into him.))
((If that's what happened, then Tee's turret would be fairly damaged aswell, if not destroyed, just like Tekla's. So considering that, we only have one feasible turret in use...yikes!))

Warning: Long Post! Very descriptive...and moments of insanity. You have been warned!

Ciyagi had been devistated by the news of Tee's death ((If they have been told that is)), he was in a sullen, skulky mood, his normally cheerful mood gone.

"Cassie, you know best what medical supplies are needed, so I'll send you after those. Ciyagi, why don't you go for the turret ammo? I'll hunt down some food and we'll meet back at the ship in half an hour." Grace told them, heading off towards a food store.

Normally, Ciyagi would have asked her to get him some junk food, but he only grunted as she left. Ciyagi kept walking with Cassie for some time, before they got to a fork in the path, Ciyagi just waved half-heartedly at Cassie as they split, and he headed off, his mind in a fog.

After some time he was inside a large surpluss store, how he got there, or when, even, he did not know. He looked around, looking at the stacks of crates of excess goods; ammo, rockets, ship parts, even simple things like hull polish. Everything and anything that was meant for a spacer to buy in bulk was here, though Ciyagi didn't know why Grace didn't come here to get the food in bulk, which would be cheaper and easier, and even last longer, nor did he understand why Cassie didn't come here either.

Then again, this place carried more ship components in bulk, rather than goods. Normally this was Tee's job, though Ciyagi had often gone with him, and that's how he knew what to get, and what not to get...and what Tee would have liked to get, but never could on account of either the captain, or budget, mostly budget.

Ciyagi stopped at a small pedestal at a junction, he stepped up to it, pressing his figure onto the indetity pad in the lower righthand corner, the machine reading his fingure signature, it beeped, acknowledging his access. He pressed on the little screen, skimming through several things, stopping and pressing a couple options on the screen along the way.

He checked off rounds, both common and tracer, though less of the tracer's, as not as many were needed. He got bulk-head rounds, larger rounds meant for hitting a target, and spreading on impact, though they weren't meant for the destruction of a vessel, more for dissabling it, for commandeering.

He got some rockets, missiles, and torpedoes, checking them off as he went, getting the exact number needed without much effort of thinking, though his mind and mood were in such a haze. He got some parts that he knew Pheonix would need and like, and some engine and turret coolant.

Ciyagi did some double checking, then he identified the ship to be delivered to, and the account used to pay for the stuff. Ciyagi was about to leave when he spotted some stuff that Tee had wanted, Ciyagi got a sad, childish pouty look on his face, but it soon turned to anger, as he started hitting things, like a child in a tantrum, very similar to how he reacted with his mother's death.

Ciyagi calmed down, breathing heavily as he stared around at the tossed crates, and broken things. Ciyagi stood up straight his face emotionless, until a single tear fell down his cheek, but instead of sobbing, or crying, he started to laugh, at first lightly, then more and more, until it filled the whole store, and even echoed down the halls of the station.

He had a huge, derranged grin on his face, as he stepped back up to the screen. He went to another section, flipping through things, things Tee wanted, things Tee would get!

Sonic mines, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, cluster missiles, death-head rounds which were deadly rounds that exploded on impact, causing extensive damage. He got spread mines, which were small palm sized mines which were ejected from the rear of a vessel in a large spread, often used to deter, or destroy chasing vessels.

He got two more things, two things that only Tee knew how to find in this stores stock, in a back option of the display, and Tee had shown him. He got screamer rounds, rounds that fired one at a time from a turret, and had a cell in them that created high sonic frequencies, even in space, mostly fire at the heavily fortified cockpit or viewports of vessels, to crack them, and thus kill those inside, by means of being sucked out. They were highly experimental, only used by well known pirate groups, or the GE, or certain territory's militaries, beyond that, thy were quite illegal.

The last thing on the list was, mag-pulse coils, long fairly flexible tubes, filled with mag-pulse micro mines, each tube filled with hundreds if not over a thousand, each tube as long as a belt of ammo, more or less. The tubes were turret compatible, and were launched at enemy vessels, whatever part of the tube hit the vessel, the micro mag-mines inside activated, but using revese engineering, the mines, instead of exploding, pull on the ship, often times the tube wraps around the enemy vessel, then the mines increase in magnetic pull, until the entire ship is crushed, and the mines become inactive.

The thing about the mag-pulse coils was the fact that they could be retrieved after a battle, repaired and refitted just a little, and they were ready to use again, and could be used about ten more times before the mines burn out inside the tube, and you had to buy more coils. The reason they were illegal was they destroyed vessels in such a gruesome and unethical way.

Ciyagi looked over the items, seeing that the Shining Spear wouldn't be able to fire some of them, he got the necessary extentions and upgrades needed. He typed in the ship to be given these things, then he put in the account. He was about to press send when his fingure paused over the button onscreen.

'Would the captain approve? What would he say? What about the illegal ammo?'

Ciyagi grinned conivingly, a thought crossing his mind, he went back, retyping which account to use, not the ship's account to pay for this stuff, but his account, his military account, which had more than enough money for him to pay for these items, so if the captain had something to say, well, he couldn't, Ciyagi bought it, not the captain.

Ciyagi typed several more things in, two large mechanical arms, bringing in two large crates, then two more arms brought in two smaller crates. Ciyagi walked over to the two smaller crates, looking around until he found the varification stickers, he took them off delicately, then put them over the stickers of the two large crates, hiding the fact that he ordered illegal goods. He typed something in, the arms coming back and carrying the crates away to be sent to the ship, and stored in the lesser compartments of the ship, below the cargo hold, where most supplies and ammo were stored. Ciyagi pressed the approval button, and send for the rest of the stuff.

Ciyagi grinned, pressing several more buttons, he left the pedestal, walking out, he picked up two small crates that he ordered for himself, nothing too important. Picking them up with ease, he heafted one on each shoulder, smiling as he walked down the hall.

"Tee will love what I got him, he's got to...he will!" He chattered to himself, laughter escaping his mouth, but tears filling his eyes.

((YES!!! Ciyagi has had a serious nervous beakdown, near insanity you might say. But...I realise I might have explained the ammo TOO well. And if I went overboard with it in his delirium, then tell me, and I'll tone it down, I don't want to get stuff and....well, you get the point...I hope.))

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